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ABOUT US . . .

Clarkson Clearance is a family run business with everyone from Granny's, Grandads, Brothers , Sisters , Aunties, Uncles, Dads, Sons & Mums all playing their part!!. We strongly believe one persons rubbish is another persons treasure. If recycling and being environmentally friendly is your ethos then Clarkson Clearance is the company for you. We absolutely hate waste and so either Re-home, Re-sell, Recycle , Restore or Donate 97% of items cleared. Land fill really isn't an option for us and if we can avoid it we will!!


We work very closely with and donate useful items to many charity’s including Isabel Hospice, Air Ambulance & Garden House Hospice. 


We work closely with our sister company Clarkson Collection where items are professionally restored by in house experts & then sold to forever homes.


All of this enables us to minimise our waste and put most items back into long term loving family homes.


Clarkson Clearances is a registered waste carrier.


Waste carrier registration number - CBDU494488

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